Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I Call Them My Answer Book

From Mason Blettenberg
Teaching in Ireland

We had such a blast this week. I think what made it so good is how much me and my comp studied the scriptures together; that’s what changed it. There is just something about the scriptures that draw me in like a bug to a light. i just keep reading to find answers. I call [the scriptures] my answer books.

We have one investigator with a date to be baptized, so that is exciting. But the highlight of my week was visiting a less active man name Mike. Mike is a long-term less active member of the Church and he has so many addictions its not even funny. He is literally in his house all day smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. He just can’t stop what he is doing. But he loves elders so he lets us in. so we made a plan to clean his house so he could feel the Spirit. I have seen a lot of dirty houses in Ireland and Scotland, but nothing like this. So we brought bags to just start slow and pick up rubbish. We started but he did not like it; it made him feel bad that we had to do it for him. So I prayed and fasted over what to do. He is on my mind all the time. I love this man, so we went over to try once again and same thing happened: he did not want to do the clean up. Then I looked at the fireplace and the still small voice whispered to me and told me to use the fire. So we made a fire in the fireplace and slowly started to put things in the fire. Now that felt good! We did not stop him from drinking or force him into anything, but we had a campfire and had some small talk about his life and the Book of Mormon. I love this gospel and what I’m doing on my mission. I will return with honor.
Elder Blettenberg