Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Need the Book!

From Trevor Wells
Teaching in Canada
The other day, we were ... contacting, and we got into a really good conversation with a young Indian man about religion and his life. As hard as we casually tried to get him to take a Book of Mormon, he wouldn't take it. He seemed so solid, but then he was just as persistent as we were about not taking it. He went and got in the bus, and we walked away. I won't lie, I was feeling a little down about it. 
As we rounded the corner of the station, we saw an Asian man say hi to us, so we walked up, shook his hand and asked for his name, he told us his name and said, "I need the Book!" So he took it out of my hand and said, "and is this your phone number? Ok! Thank you!" Then he walked away! That Book of Mormon was definitely meant for Joseph! It's really not often someone walks up and asks for a copy of the Book of Mormon! 

So something that I have learned a lot more about lately while I have been studying the Book of Mormon is how involved the Lord is with the people. And not to mention, He is very very involved with us as a people as well. He guided them to certain places for reasons that they might not have known. He put them through trials so that one day we could read about them and be strengthened by their examples. These people went through some super duper hard stuff, and hopefully we don't have to be imprisoned for preaching, or tied up on a boat to get the picture that God loves us, wants to protect us, and will always be willing to help us if we call upon Him. He guides us daily, and will never leave our side. He does visit us in our afflictions. I know that to be true. I love the Book of Mormon and challenge you all to read it at least once every day. It changes lives!