Sunday, August 27, 2017

From Jason Wharton
Teaching in New Mexico, USA

It has been an interesting experience so far being a missionary in  the Albuquerque NM mission.  I have already learned and grown so much in the 9 months that I've been here.  I've realized that a mission is like a roller coaster, that you will have those down days and you have the up days.  Even though it has been hard at times, I know Heavenly Father has always been there to help. And when you do go through the down times, that's when you really grow. Being a missionary will help you grow closer to Heavenly Father and you will learn to recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  All the down points I've had in my mission so far have been learning experiences and has made me all around a  better person.

P.S For the record, a lot of times when you think of a mission you think of it always being serious, but really there are a TON a fun things to do, not only that but you will spend time with other missionaries who will become awesome new friends.