Sunday, October 5, 2014

A 180-Degree Change

From Carl LeCheminant,
 Teaching in Texas, USA

I would love to share an experience about finding an investigator who is particularly close to us at this time. Joe is an Active Duty Medic in the army, and at very pivotal points in his life he served with some amazing members [of the LDS Church] in his Battalion. One of which was his commanding officer who saw a lot of potential in him that even he didn't see in himself. Because of the influence of these wonderful members of the Church, and recognizing the peace they had as something he wanted, he was moved upon to come to church with his less-active wife. They approached us about teaching him the lessons so he could learn more. 

Since meeting with us he has changed his life 180 degrees and is making major decisions that will bless his life in amazing ways. He has yet to reach the waters of baptism and he is deploying within the next few months, but he is persistent on learning more and I know that as he continues to search the Book of Mormon, his life will eventually reach the point that he is hoping for.