Sunday, January 25, 2015

She Couldn't Wait for the Holy Ghost

From David and Viola Ricks
Teaching in Germany

We had the greatest experience last Sunday.  Claire, the little girl from Taiwan who the Elders have been teaching for a very long time is getting baptized.  [Sad thing though, she will probably have to go back to Taiwan the end of March if she can't find employment, or an internship.  She doesn't speak German, only English and Chinese, so that is hindering her progress.]

 We have been involved in [Claire's] Sunday lessons since we arrived here.  She only has lessons on Sunday.  She was very questioning and not so motivated when we first arrived.  Then she started reading her Book of Mormon. She was praying and coming to church for 17 straight weeks.  When she started reading and got a really good friend in the ward, she started to get stronger.  Anyway, last week she wanted to know how everyone's week was.  After everyone talked, she asked if she could say something, and said she wanted to be baptized in a month.

       After the lesson, as I walked down the hall with her, she said she couldn't wait for the Holy Ghost for that long. She wanted it right away.  Today her baptism date was moved up to February 6.