Sunday, February 21, 2016

The True Measure of Success in Missionary Work

From Hyrum Fluckiger
Teaching in California

I've had an interesting experience being a missionary here in California! It's been amazing first of all, second it's been work, and third... I have absolutely loved it!  I have amazing opportunities to
meet and be apart of so many people's lives!

After my second transfer, leaving an area only seemingly slightly better than I found it, and feeling like my time there was for naught; I arrived to my new area and had only been there for a week or two when I received a letter from an active member we worked with. While keeping details confidential ,this member expressed to me that us missionaries had made such a difference in his life and that we played a key role in helping him stay on the gospel path. 

When he hit his low, he had actually made a plan to take his own life.  He said that one night he asked us for a blessing, of course we adjusted our schedule so we could do that. He told us that was the night he was going to kill himself and the blessing was meant to be a release from this life.  But the words of the blessing were so uplifting and what he needed to hear at the time that he was restrengthened and recommitted to live and strive to improve his life. He is now attending college and working toward a mission. He has trials and temptations just as all of us do, but thanks to our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, we were able to participate in helping him along his way, and I now truly know that no effort is wasted in helping others come to Christ.

It was such a powerful reminder and testimony builder to me of many things; the authenticity and reality of true priesthood power, the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and by dedicating our all to the service and work of God, we can not fail. Missionary work is not just with non members. It's all who need to be strengthen and brought closer to Christ. The measure of success in missionary work is not just baptisms. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary, to serve God, to hold the Priesthood. I know the church is true, it's good, and pure.