Sunday, April 10, 2016

Always Follow the Spirit

Cole Beck
Teaching in Arizona

One of the biggest things I have learned on my mission so far is to always follow the [Holy]Spirit. When trying to follow the Spirit, I often question myself saying things like, ”Is this the Spirit or is it just me thinking?” There have been so many times that I am just not sure if it is the Spirit or just me. The thing I have learned is that, if it is good and the Spirit doesn't tell you that it is bad, then it doesn't matter if it is the Spirit or you. As long as you know that it is not bad then it should be ok to do. It's something that I had to learn quickly. 

For the first part of my mission I would just do whatever we had planned, which mostly worked out and we saw who we needed to see. I have a story that really changed all of that for me. 

When I was serving in Teec Nos Pos, AZ. It was around five o'clock and we had already run out of names of people to see. On the Navajo Reservation people go to bed when the sun sets, so the chances of finding anyone to talk to where very slim. I had the prompting to see a guy named Chris Frances, who was a very inactive member. My companion and I went to his house and then he told us how he had been thinking of us all day and how the Spirit had been working on him very heavily recently. He had been inactive for over ten years and was very into his Navajo traditions. Missionaries had been working with him forever and he had recently decided to really find out the truth. My last Sunday in Teec Nos Pos he showed up to church, and I give the credit to God for giving me the prompting I needed to feel. I know that if we are doing good, and that if we try to follow the Spirit even if we don't know when it is the Spirit, then all will work out.