Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Holy Ghost Will Answer Your Prayer In A Way You Will Understand

From Karsten Hinckley
Teaching in Thailand 

Sister Rung this last week came into a lesson and was telling us how she was just having a really hard time. She was telling us about how her mother wasn’t accepting of her and this and that. It was really hard to listen to because she deserves better. She was just crying and I had a thought. I grabbed a few hymn books and told her that we would sing two songs. I knew that singing would help us say things that are hard to say. We sang, Let the Holy Spirit Guide and then I Need Thee Every Hour. The spirit was so strong! You could feel it so powerfully! After we sang and said a prayer she said that she was felt so much better! 3 days later we met with her again and ended up singing a song before we ended the lesson by singing The Spirit of God. It was just like the other day, so powerful! I challenge you that if you are stuck with a investigator to sing a song with them. It has really helped us and our investigators a lot! 

Brother Tong had still not prayed about Joseph Smith. He said he didn’t know how Heavenly Father would answer him. We have told him so many times that the Holy Ghost would answer your prayer in a way that you'll understand. In the middle of the lesson he asked," Can I pray and ask right now?" Well yes of course you can. He prayed right then and after about 2 minutes of silence he got his answer that Joseph Smith was true. He's getting baptized on June 12th! 
Today I called one of my [recent converts], she said, “Elder Hinckley my mom is interested!" That makes me so happy!