Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Best Thing is They Keep Trying

From Mason Blettenberg
Teaching in Ireland

If we don't try were just 
if we don preserver were just
and if we don't allow others to try were just 
as we try to preserver and help others to do the same we are truly 
- Elder Dale G. Renlund 

I found this quote my studies today and I really like it. Why? Well I have really understood how unperfect I really am as a person. I mean, I'm not all that great. I sin, lie, think bad thoughts, am sometimes lazy, and I complain. But you know what I really am? I am a hard working missionary that puts my his shoulder to the wheel every week to try to be better, think better, and act better. No one on this earth is better than another. We are all beloved children of God and this is something that we need to be smiling about. The best thing about Latter-day Saints is they keep trying.
This week has been up, down, left, and right. First, to start of the week, we had to travel to the area were I started my mission for exchanges with the zone leaderss and a leadership meeting. I got to go teaching with the first man I baptized. That was a cool thing to do, to teach with him...
A Church member who is coming back to activity stopped contacting us for the whole week, so we gave her space and then tried visiting  her at the end of the week. She is not doing too good. My heart goes out to people like her who are trying so hard. Just trying is hard for them. I know how they feel and  I love them for it. The number one thing I love about my mission is God's children. They are what puts a smile on my face. You always hear missionaries say, "love the people," but you really don't know what it means unttil you love them. It is the greatest thing ever to love and preach the gospel at the same time. What a blessing!

Well, I wish you all well and love you all so much. And don't forget to be a Latter-day Saint !
๐Ÿ’™Elder Blettenberg๐Ÿ‘”