Sunday, June 4, 2017

What Makes You Want To Do This?

From Trevor Wells
Teaching in Canada

We've had several miracles happen this week, and one of the coolest was knocking on the enormous door of a very wealthy man. He came out of his giant garage and told us he already has Jesus so he didn't need us pushing it on him. A few days before, this mans neighbour, a man in our ward, told us he has 30 classic cars in his huge garage and he might show them to us if we ask. So ask we did. We said, "If you let us see the cars, we won't talk about religion."

He let us in and we saw the beautiful cars. Sadly it wasn't long enough to take pictures, because his wife was yelling over the yapping dogs that she wasn't interested, and we were trying to tell her we were just looking at the cars. After a few minutes, it quieted down, and he explained to his wife. Then as we were about to leave, he asked us, "What makes you want to do this? Why did you come to my door?" It gave us an amazing opportunity to testify of why we individually came out and what we do as missionaries. We explained how strict we are to obey the rules, and he said, "Wow. That's a lot of discipline. I respect that." It was super cool, and WE weren't the ones to bring up religion! The Lord works in mysterious ways!