Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Answer is Already in Your Heart

From Cody Millward
Teaching in Peru

We are teaching a family [and] the dad got baptized not too long ago, just before I got here. The rest of the family wants to get baptized, but are kind of hesitant. They always make a few excuses. 

Well, we went to teach them today with our friend, Romel, who comes with us. Romel is 17 and he’s awesome! We were talking with her, not really getting anywhere, so were about to end the lesson to go on to the next one. All of a sudden Romel, who is really shy in public and doesn’t say a whole lot, straight-up tells her how it is! He says, “Sister, I know you’re a little scared right now, but so am I. I don’t talk a whole lot in public, but I want to tell you this: I want you to read a scripture in 1 Nephi 3:7 and then I  am going to ask you a question and want you to respond ‘si,’ or ‘no’.”

 Then she read it and Romel  asked, “Sister, do you believe that if we act God will provide a way for us to be obedient?”  She said, “Si, I do.” Romel continued, “Well there you have it, the answer is already in your heart! What do you think?” After a little bit more she accepted to be baptized this Saturday! It was a powerful experience! Members are a powerful force in this work, without them we cannot do anything. That was a great experience I had this week!