Sunday, August 9, 2015

True Conversion

From Cambree King
Teaching in Honduras

Saturday brings Amelia's baptism, which has been a long awaited event. They fed us baleadas yesterday and there is such a sweet spirit in their home. We bought them the hymns on CD because they want to learn all the tunes, and they had them playing nonstop all day Sunday.

When we showed up to enter their house, we had to enter through the pulperia door. A man came up behind us wanting to buy just a little bit of cat food. Amelia said that they don’t open on Sundays and he kept begging. Finally she explained to him that it was the Sabbath day and even just one little sale would break it and she obeys the commandments. It was one of those moments where the Spirit testifies as well and we could see the true conversion she has.

This Saturday was Amelias baptism and well, it was absolutely incredible. Her grandpa comes and visits them every weekend; he lives in a little pueblo about two hours out of Tegucigalpa. He has never walked into a church in his life... they all joke with him that the day he enters a church, it would go up in flames and burn to the ground. Well, the church is still standing without even a scorch mark. He came to her baptism and it was incredible.

As she bore her testimony afterwards, she testified of the truthfulness of the gospel and how grateful she was that the Lord had given her the chance to know the gospel. She feels as though a mission is what the Lord wants for her life, so she is starting the preparation from now. As she bore her testimony of eternal families, it brought her grandpa to tears. He felt the spirit and now he just needs to come to recognize it. It was a really good experience.