Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Power of Prayer Exists

From Brooklyn Winn
Teaching in Argentina

We taught a homeless man this week. He has had a rough life and he really wants to change his situation.  He baths in the ocean and washes his clothes in the ocean.  He lives in a shack. We taught him how to pray and testified that God lives and that He answers prayers.  We then took the next step and invited him to church.  He looked down at his clothes and said, “I cannot go to church looking like this.”  The clothes that he was wearing that day were the only clothes he owned and he was so worried about wearing those clothes in the house of God.  I helped his fear and told him God does not care what he is wearing, but God does care if he is in the Church Sunday.

After the lesson my heart was touched by this man who did not own much, but still wanted to wear his best on Sundays.  It made me look on my past life on those Sundays when I did not know what to wear, but I opened my closet full of clothes and still I could not choose. Here this man has nothing and still he wants to wear his best.  The people who really teach me are the people who really are humble. We prayed with him and he said nights he is afraid of the cold. I told him to pray. I think it finally clicked in his head that the power of prayer exists. I learned two things from this experience. First,  if you think you have it bad there is someone else who might have it a little worse. Second, the  power of prayer exists. God answers our prayers.