Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sweet Experiences

From David and Viola Ricks
Teaching in Germany

Last week we went to Stake Conference in Nurnberg.  It was really good.  We got to meet the Stake Presidency and some of the couples.  It was all translated into English so we could understand everything.   The youth choir that sang wore their helping hands vests.  They sang "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today" of course in German.  It was tender.

A sister in the ward sat next to me in the Relief Society crocheting activity.  She said her son, named Luca, age 12, was inactive and she was very worried about him.  He won't even let the Elders in with a message anymore.  He kind of calls the shots, and his single mom lets him "rule."   The Elders were awesome and did some amazing things---like juggling, the one elder knew a lot of coin magic tricks.  Anyway---during one of them he swallowed a $.20 coin accidentally!  The boy and his friend loved them, but as soon as they tried to share a short message, the boy and friend left the room.    Neat thing though----the sister talked to me today and said her son would like them to come back.  They are going to share with him the u-tube: Sainsbury's OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad.  Any of you who would like to see this u-tube ad, it is just amazing and wonderful and short. 

We visited a very old man and his wife this week.  She is 88 and he is 86.  He is very sick with Parkinson's disease.  He is a High Priest and loves the church.  His wife is a non-member.  She waited on his every need--- and they were many.  It was the first time we have visited a family with limited English.  I sang my song "I Am a Child of God" in German and dad tried the best he could to get acquainted and share a short message.  It was a sweet experience.