Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Greatest Gift Anyone Can Receive

From Trent Winn
Serving in Michigan, USA

I would just like to say that missionary or not, Christmas is the greatest time to share the gospel.

Just think: what is the greatest gift you could give somebody this Christmas holiday? The restored gospel is the greatest gift anyone can receive over holidays! Why? Well one, because everyone in life has challenges, member of the Church or not, and the only thing that can bring true peace in the world today is the gospel of Christ. He really is Christmas. The Book of Mormon is the greatest book on this earth and is the greatest gift you can give to anyone this year! It is not anything that you buy from stores, but a gift from the heart: a gift of giving!

May we all reach out and help someone this Christmas holiday and make it the greatest one in our lives.  I know that God loves us all and works through us to help others. May we be that vessel this holiday and reach out others and share to joy we find in the Church!