Tuesday, March 31, 2015

She Knew We Were Sent From God to Help Her

From Cambree King
Teaching in Honduras 

 This week we found a true miracle. We contacted a lady named Betulia the other day in the Carboneras. We went back to visit her and she was so willing to let us in and share with her. Her daughter has received missionaries before, but she said she has never had the desire to listen. As we got talking, she just broke down crying and said she knew that we were sent from God to help her in this time of her life. She has a son who lives in the states and a year ago, he had a surgery on his brain. He lost all of his memory of his time before and she hasn’t had contact with him since. We testified of the plan of salvation and how this gospel could help her have an eternal family. I have never seen someone listen with such a great desire to know. She couldn’t stop telling us how grateful she is that we passed by her house. Before we even invited her, she asked us when we had meetings in the Church and she said she would be there. 

It’s incredible how the Lord prepares people and puts them in our path so that we can help them experience the joys of the restored gospel. The only sad thing is that the adversary works hard in this work as well. Something happened and she had to go live in San Pedro Sula for a month. We don’t have contact with her, but it was still and incredible miracle to witness and one day she will go searching for the gospel because she knows that it is true.